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London Still Has Cartwheelatitis…Open Registration for Spring Session and Summer Camp at Randolph Gymnastics

By: Roxy on 04/16/10 @ 10:56 am

London and Maddie just started playing softball this year, and they’re having a blast… however, you can always recognize London when she’s not in the field… instead of sitting obediently on the bench, waiting for her turn at bat, she’s cartwheeling along the sidelines.   When London learned the “windmill” pitching technique at a softball pitching clinic last weekend, [...]

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Summer Camp 2010 at Randolph Gymnastics

By: Roxy on 02/15/10 @ 11:30 am

There’s another 4 to 7 inches of snow headed for the Roxiticus Valley tonight and tomorrow, so I’ve decided to warm things up by reviewing London and Maddie’s summer camp options. While I will write about ballet, tennis, singing and acting camps in the coming weeks, today’s focus is gymnastics summer camp for kids 5 and up.
London and Maddie [...]

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