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Roxy’s Back…and heading to Woodchuck’s BBQ in Point Pleasant, NJ for Dinner

By: Roxy on 07/8/18 @ 8:01 am

I stepped away from blogging for at least 5 years (maybe 10), and one of these days I’ll catch you up on everything, but today I’ll start with dinner in Pt Pleasant Beach, NJ.  London and Maddie are high school softball players.  They’ll play 3 games this afternoon with their travel softball team, and then [...]

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I Don’t Want to Go Home! Southside Johnny at Martell’s Tiki Bar on the Boardwalk in Pt. Pleasant Beach, New Jersey

By: Roxy on 08/26/08 @ 10:42 am

Oh, I know that it’s getting late
But I don’t want to go home
I’m in no hurry baby time can wait
‘Cause I don’t want to go home
Listen to the man sing his song
I don’t want to go home
I don’t mind if it takes all night long
‘Cause I don’t want to go home
Listen, baby, I know we [...]

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