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Latest Issue of New Jersey Life Magazine Features Lambertville, New Jersey

By: Roxy on 09/27/08 @ 9:52 am

As we begin our holiday shopping in the Fall, Rex and the girls and I always make a trip to Lambertville, New Jersey.  Just in time, the latest issue of New Jersey Life magazine features an article all about Lambertville, including restaurants and shopping.  Instead of stealing it from Rex’s doctor’s office, this time I picked [...]

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My Shameful Confession… I Stole New Jersey Life Magazine from Rex’s Doctor (Chester Medical Associates in Chester, NJ)

By: Roxy on 04/25/08 @ 11:13 am

Due to Rex’s recent knee surgery, I have spent quite a bit of time in various doctors’ offices over the past month or so. During a quick visit to Chester Medical Associates (Dr. Alan Chanin and Dr. Glenn Davis) on Monday, I started reading New Jersey Life magazine. While I had never taken much interest [...]

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