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Join Roxy for Mother’s Day Brunch at the Limestone Cafe, Then Off to Alvin Ailey at NJPAC

By: Roxy on 05/9/09 @ 8:40 pm

It’s official… I’ve decided on a complete repeat of last year, also known as a second annual Mother’s Day tradition.  After an amazing Mother’s Day 2008 with Alvin Ailey at NJPAC, we practically bought our tickets for the 2009 Mother’s Day performance on the spot.  The start to last year’s Mother’s Day celebration was the [...]

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Opah Grill Restaurant in Gladstone, NJ Has Closed

By: Roxy on 12/30/08 @ 11:55 am

Rex, London, Maddie and I were out and about last night at a friends’ holiday open house.  Our group got to talking about Pierre’s in Harding Township, one of our favorite restaurants that is closing after their last hurrah on New Year’s Eve.  A neighbor added that Opah Grill in Gladstone, NJ, has also closed, [...]

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Urban Cottage in Gladstone, New Jersey

By: Roxy on 11/11/08 @ 11:53 pm

A month or so ago, I received an e-mail from Michelle McGonegal, the owner of Urban Cottage in Gladstone, New Jersey, introducing her new vintage furniture and home decorating store that opened in the Spring of 2008.  Then the other day, on my train ride in to New York City, I ran across a nice [...]

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Halloween Parade Today (Sunday, October 26th) at 2:00pm in Peapack-Gladstone

By: Roxy on 10/26/08 @ 8:02 am

Peapack-Gladstone invites all ghosts, goblins, witches, pirates and Disney Princesses to meet at Peapack-Gladstone Bank at 2:00pm for the annual Halloween parade. London, Maddie, Rex and I are down at our beach house to participate in our seventh annual Bay Head Halloween Parade, so I don’t think we’ll make it back in time to take [...]

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From the Roxy’s Best Of… Mailbag: Urban Cottage in Gladstone, New Jersey

By: Roxy on 10/5/08 @ 8:49 pm

Last month, I got an email from Michelle, the owner of Urban Cottage in Gladstone, New Jersey:
“Your blog is fun…I am new to these things…I have a new shop in Gladstone called Urban Cottage…Come on in and visit and tell me what you think….Bye!”
While I haven’t had the chance to visit Urban Cottage in person, [...]

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Oysters Bingo at the Limestone Cafe in Peapack-Gladstone, New Jersey

By: Roxy on 08/12/08 @ 1:46 am

Since we first moved to the Roxiticus Valley in October 2003, Rex and I have often enjoyed a “business lunch” (just the two of us) at The Limestone Cafe in Peapack-Gladstone, New Jersey. However, it’s only been in the past couple of years that we’ve started taking the girls there for dinner. It is Maddie’s [...]

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